Complete Digital SLR Guide for better photos

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learning to capture memories

With knowledge there’s power. That’s why my ebook contains a comprehensive section on digital photography terminology – helping you improve photography from the ground up.

It helps you to fully understand your camera – and that means you’ll be taking stunning pictures that will make your friends and family gasp in amazement!

As you begin to build your photography knowledge you’ll be onto the next step – and here my guide takes you through the photography basics that virtually guarantee stunning photos every time.

My photography guide shows you how to adjust the settings on your camera so that your pictures will look more professional.

Here’s just one example – a clear and thorough explanation of what depth of field is and why it’s important in your photography.

I’ll show you how to take control of the depth of field which will instantly improve your photography.

You’ll soon be taking photos that have a wonderful, professional, look and feel.

And there’s more . . .

What is the rule of odd numbers and how will it help your composition?

What are the best ways to photograph children.

Why is taking control of the shutter speed essential for creative photography?

Turn lemons into lemonade! – how can you rescue a ‘failed’ image?

How is it possible to take great photos of pets?

And a lot more besides! “12 Sure-Fire Ways To Better Photos” uses example photos so that you can clearly and easily identify better photography techniques.

By learning from the other photographers in this book you learn how to take better photos and improve your photography skills fast.

Actually taking the photos is the first step to great photography.

Once you’ve captured the image (and using the skills you have learnt the composition will already be excellent!) a bit of what the professionals call ‘post-processing’ will really make your photos stand out from the crowd.

where to get your hands on 6 free image editing programs – including top-notch software that is more than a match for Photoshop

A review of the programs so that you can choose the software that’s best for you – saving you time trialling them all yourself

A walk through of the image editing photography basics – it’s easy to master these and you’ll be improving your photos within 60 seconds!

How to airbrush a photo to enhance your images further

So you have everything you need to take photos that are real stunners. Photos that will amaze your friends and family.

I’ve teamed up with a great photographer who knows all about the photography business – Dan Fieldman.

The secrets to making money with your digital photos

How you can sell your photos (and discover which photos sell best)

10 Awesome online business ideas to earn money by selling digital photos

All adds up to quite a package!

The Complete Digital SLR Guide

12 Sure-Fire Ways To Better Photos

Photo Editing Software Guide

AND how you can Turn Photos Into Cash – triple guide

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