Facebook isSecretly Makes Special Channels for Funny Videos

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Facebook is secretly building LOL, a special channel for funny videos. Facebook must works hard to keep users loyal to their services. The giant social media project spawned Facebook Watch, the competitor application TikTok namely Lasso to IGTV. But these projects failed to lure young users to use Facebook.

Facebook has not given up on the previous project. Facebook quietly developed special feeds for funny videos and funny memes. This feed is called LOL.

As quoted from Tech Crunch, Sunday, January 20, 2019, LOL is a new way for Facebook to attract the attention of young users to use their services.

LOL is a special Facebook feed that contains funny videos, clips like funny GIFs to funny memes. At present, LOL is still in the beta stage and is being piloted privately in 100 secondary schools.

The social media company founded by Mark Zuckerberg revealed LOL is currently being tested to a small number of users in the United States.

Facebook has not been able to ascertain whether LOL will be released on Facebook Watch or will become an independent application.

But unfortunately, Facebook’s decision to present LOL is predicted to be less strong to attract young users, One source who knows the development of LOL explained, Facebook is indeed ‘forced’ to present LOL feeds.

The source said, the giant social media pretended to be young and cool, but the content in LOL had several who were already a few weeks old, and the possibility of young users hoping to find funny entertaining content would be disappointed.

Because content is a few weeks old, young users may have seen it and this is what will disappoint and make young users reluctant to access LOL. (spo)


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