How to backup and transfer your stuff to a brand new Android phone

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Buy a new Android phone? Here’s how to backup and transfer from an old Android phone to your new Android phone.

Few things are better than getting a new Android phone, but you won’t be able to really enjoy it until you set it up just the way you want.

That means you need transferring a bunch of data from your old phone but don’t worry it’s not as hard as you think.

Most work involves backing up items on your old phone so let’s start working on it.

That first if you have a pixel or Nexus phone open the Settings app and scroll down to backup and reset near the bottom.

Open that setting and check that Google Drive backups are switched on for your account that will automatically store your installed apps, call history, device settings, calendar, entries contacts, photos and videos in your Google drumettes.

If you own a different Android phone, search for a backup to find out where that setting lives turn it on and you’ll be able to back up your app’s phone, logs and device settings as far as your contacts, calendar entries, and photos. Your Google Account will take care of that inside each of those apps.

You’ll notice that music isn’t included in the things Google backs up, but this is an easy fix. If you’ve subscribed to a streaming service, you can simply sign into the app on your new phone or if you’re more old-school about your collection you can use play music to upload a hundred thousand tracks to the cloud for free.

You’ll need to use the music manager app on your PC to do this but it’ll transfer your tracks to the cloud without much effort then there are messages Google offers pixel owners free backups of SMS messages but any embedded photos and videos will be left behind and since you’re probably using Android messages on some other phone you’ll need a separate app that can send your messages to your new phone.

There are several options in the Play Store I tested one of them called SMS backup plus and it works surprisingly well after downloading the app from the Play Store in your old phone all you need to do is sign in with your Google account and press the backup button and it’ll scan your phone for any conversations and store them and that’s it for your old phone power up your new phone sign into your Google account and everything you’ve backed up will transfer over from your Google Drive. Your photos, their entries contacts, music to all be where they should be and to get your messages back just download SMS backup plus or whatever after used on the new phone sign in and press restore that’s not so hard right.

If you followed each step all your important info will be saved and synced to your new phone will be just like your old one.


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