Leaked Android Q, Here Are the New Features of Android Q

Information about the new Android operating system is starting to warm up. According to the leak, the latest Android operating system, the Android Q will carry several feature enhancements.

Prominent features that will appear on Android Q are the matter of dark mode to be more strict about privacy.

As quoted from the Digital Trends page, Thursday, January 17, 2019, leaks from XDA Developers, a major change that will be present on Android Q is the dark mode theme. On previous versions of Android, the Android Pie theme on the smartphone screen can be changed from bright to dark, but on Android Pie, the dark theme is stuck can be applied to the notification and launcher application.

On Android Q, the dark mode theme will be much wider, can be applied in the settings menu, the application arrives at the application launcher.

Android Q’s dark theme
Android Q’s dark theme

Another feature that is present on Android Q is Google privacy that is as tight as it is. Google changes how licensing is for Android users. According to XDA Developers data, permission to access location will be limited only when the application is used. Then in the settings menu, users will see a graph of access permission usage.

The information about Android Q will bring desktop mode similar to Samsung DeX.

XDA Developers leak shows, the developer version has desktop mode options. With this mode, Android users can enjoy the smartphone screen display on the desktop. But XDA Developers claimed not to guarantee this feature will appear on Android Q.


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