Lenovo Smart Clock, what are the Capabilities?

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Lenovo also announced a unique device other than the latest notebook line, in the CES 2019 event, namely they showed off Smart Clock.

This device is intended to accompany your sleep, supported by Google Assistant artificial intelligence. He can still be asleep alarm without disturbing his users.

Lenovo Smart Clock has a 4-inch touch screen, which can display some essential information, such as time, weather and news. The presence of the Google Assistant allows it to listen to commands just as users use Google Home.

Lenovo Smart Clock is arguably suitable for consumers who want a smart device but with simple capabilities. He can make you more productive when you start the day by getting up early.

This device uses the screen and alarm to provide essential information for users who are looking for their cell phones when they wake up.

Lenovo Smart Clock can be an alarm, see the agenda on the calendar, monitor the weather, and see the flow of traffic from home to work. This function will appear when the user shifts the panel. Lenovo Smart Clock can also connect with other Google smart devices, and play music, radio, or surf the internet. He is equipped with two internal speakers with Dolby technology.

For the interface, Lenovo Smart Clock provides one USB port, which can be used to fill other devices. There is also the power button and charging port for the device itself.

Lenovo tries to incorporate Smart Clock into a more affordable segment. It is planned to be available to consumers in the second quarter of this year, at a price of USD80.


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