Microsoft’s Foldable Surface PC Can Run an Android Application

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Foldable and Centaurus coded Microsoft Surface computers can run Android applications, as reported by Windows Central last weekend.

Because of the similarity between Centaurus and Andromeda in terms of the operating system, it will not be too difficult if what is on Andromeda will also be held at Centaurus.

Andromeda itself is a pocket-sized Microsoft Surface Computer that is equipped with the Windows Core operating system, a new and modern version of Windows that has many components that can support performance, fluidity and new user experience. Unfortunately, there is no definite news about the release of this device to the market.

The Centaurus specification is planned to have two 9-inch screens that have an aspect ratio of 4: 3 and will be equipped with Intel Lakefield 10 nm as the processor.

As reported by Digital Trends, this computer will begin its launch in the fall or around September to December 2019. This news is still uncertain along with Microsoft which has not yet issued an official statement.

Regarding prices, it might be said that this computer will be priced starting at US $ 1,000.

The price is likely to be even higher, considering Centaurus has two screens. This is different from Microsoft Surface laptops that have been circulating in the market that only have one screen and are priced at between US $ 900 to US $ 1,000.



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