QrQ – Feedback Management Solutions

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Let your customers use their mobile phone to quickly and anonymously provide feedback about your business so only you can review it and act on it!

QrQ is a state-of-the-art Software as a Service which lives on the cloud and allows you to effortlessly have your customers provide anonymous feedback to your business. It’s easy to use, there is nothing to install or configure. We will help you with all the setup so you get the system up and running in minutes.

QrQ works by printing a number of QR codes and presenting them on your physical store so your customers can scan it with their phones and provide you with their comments. It’s really easy and fast to use for them, and super simple for you to set up. Once you become a client, we will contact you with design templates and instructions to print them, put them on the store and start getting feedback in minutes.

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When a customer scans a QR code with his/her phone, he/she will be directed to a quick survey designed by our feedback experts. Our quality legends defined the amount of questions, size, type and location so you can focus on what to ask and let us do the hard work of figuring out the how. We created QrQ so you can get the maximum amount of feedback at the minimum expense of your customer’s time.

We want you to act on real time. Now your customers will have a quick way to provide feedback and they will share comments such us: “ the music is too loud or the room is too cold”. Now for the first time you can act on real time, it’s like you are reading their minds!. Act on it. Be fast and be the best service provider ever! At QrQ we want to help you getting more customer love! (and sales!)

QrQ is a solution designed thinking from the ground up on the mobile world. We know your customers want to use their phones and they don’t want to download yet another useless application. We hear you and we hear the market so we designed QrQ with a “mobile-first” approach in mind. There is nothing to download and there is no particular brand or phone to use QrQ. Any phone with a camera can scan a QR code and get redirected to your survey.

At QrQ we also want you to be successful, if your business grows we can celebrate. To help you grow we created and optimized a dashboard to show you the most relevant information you need to get the most value out of the time you look at it. We just show you what’s useful and provide insights on what’s the perceived quality of your product.

Our dashboard also works great on mobile, so you can check what are your customers thinking while looking at your phone.

Your information is yours and yours only. This is not another TripAdvisor or FourSquare where people post comments online, this is about valuable information for your business, so you are the only person who can access the data captured. We are very serious about this, this is why we have your information on a separated database from other clients. Your data is your data.

By understanding what is your customer thinking you can sell more and improve the perceived quality of your product.

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