The Samsung Galaxy S10 with 5G technology and has extensive memory

Samsung Galaxy S10, which was officially launched on February 20. More and more growing rumors such as 5G technology capabilities are expected to debut in the United States with Verizon and will also be available in other countries.

Mobile phones with 5G technology are in line with the 5G network which has been continuously prepared and waited for its presence. Because only a few areas that are ready with 5G technology, Samsung also prepared the Galaxy S10 with such a limited amount of technology.

The Samsung Galaxy with 5G will be quite expensive and that’s not only because of the embedded 5G technology. Reportedly also the Samsung Galaxy S10 has a minimum of 256GB of internal memory, as quoted by Phonearena from SamMobile.

Another specification on the Samsung Galaxy S10 (also known as the Galaxy S10 X) is a large 6.7-inch screen, four rear cameras, and a 5,000 mAh battery. It seems that with the specifications above that is what causes the Galaxy S10 phones to be sold expensively.

However, Samsung is not the only company to confirm plans to launch a 5G smartphone this year.


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