Your Computer at Night, Is it better to leave the computer on or turn it off?

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Computers (PC) that are old, have a big risk. The computer quickly heats up when turned on, and the heat will adversely affect other components.

Some components have a limited lifespan. For example, batteries and hard drives. Sleep when not in use will extend the life of this component.

There is a debate about the impact of shutting down computers, for many people, shut down and startup are out of date. Apart from that, there are several compelling reasons to let the computer stay on or turn it off which cannot be debated.

Here’s the reason for most people to keep the computer running:

  • The PC is used as a server or used to be accessed remotely.
  • There are updates that run in the background, virus scans, or other activities you want to do when you leave.
  • You don’t want to wait a long time to start when you will use it.

Reasons to turn off the PC

  • To save electricity usage
  • Don’t want to be disturbed by notifications or PC fan noise
  • Computer performance generally benefits from occasional reboots

Using Sleep or hibernate mode?

Sleep mode puts the computer into a low power state without turning it off completely. While hibernate mode, ie the computer stops using power and the mode continues. Hibernate is an incorrect option because it produces wear that is similar to start and stop.

So, if you will leave the PC unused but don’t want to turn it off for a long time, make sure you check the sleep option in the shutdown menu. You can save a lot of power without real losses.


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